Sell Your Boat Online Like a Pro

Selling a boat like a pro is made easy with They offer several ways to sell your boat including BMTV Live & Showing Assist. Sell your boat online to brokers, individuals and dealers locally in the United States or grab attention on the international stage. One cool method to sell a boat is by using their explosive video selling service, BMTV Live.

They make listing a boat online simple, easy, fun, and profitable. They get sellers motivated and buyer’s interested! They offer innovation in a crowded industry that distinguishes them not only in advertising but in originality. They bring new ideas for the sellers and provide services that are valued. Boat Market TV also offers many price points to satisfy the individual seller or broker with several listings. Not only do they advertise boats but they also advertise and sell Yachts, PWC, RVs, Trucks & SUVs. They have their own app, Boat Market Radio and a YouTube channel where listings can also be found. Here is where you can find additional information to stimulate your senses.

One of their industry leading features is a new term is sales that is sure to catch seller’s eyes, a Showing Assist. Imagine having a professional representative show your boat like a broker and if it sells you don’t pay out the high commissions. This service is offered for qualified South Florida subscribers and each subscriber is charged an upfront flat rate fee that is affordable.

Boat Market TV recommends taking this important first step. Go out to your boat and take your cell phone or other camera device and video tape a virtual tour. Talk about the boat, the trailer, the brakes, the lights and tires, the length and what it can pull. Walk around the boat and give a narrative about why you are selling and what you want to do next in boating. Talk about the experiences you’ve had and then go into details such as the fuel burn, the bridge clearance, number of owners, the beam and all other amenities. Give buyers what they want, action! A virtual tour and sea trial. This will help sell your boat.

The second step would be to drop it in the water. While on the water film a sea trial. Show the engines in action, the electronics functioning, what it would be like to be Captain at the helm, and show the salon, the galley, the head and everything in between. Step three is to take your camera home and upload the video onto Boat Market TV.

Boat Market TV was developed to help you sell online like a pro. You get a professional looking listing with the most frequently asked questions on your listing, a great main picture, several supporting pictures, a video, description and other bits of vital info. They are all located in one place and your contact info is right in front of all buyers. Best of all it’s all managed from your personal dashboard. Check out the ads for yourself and see why this is working for so many subscribers. Remember this, you can sell one boat or as many as 10 boats at a time with

Another way to sell your boat like a pro is to buy BMTV Live and ask about their Showing Assist. This is their awesome video making process for qualified sellers in South Florida. Boat Market TV will come out to your location, meet with you, listen to your ideas and vision and plan out a customized sales presentation that is perfect for your boat. They will write a script, create some videos, take numerous pictures, edit, and upload it all for you.

BMTV Live is an industry hammer that breaks the mold of brokered listings.Their Showing Assist breaks the mold of brokered showings and offers sellers a new way to sell without the high commissions or contracts or being present. When you get a call on your boat from their ad they will come out and provide a tour of your boat for the buyers. They will help you sell your boat to your standards. You might ask how do we know how to sell your boat? We listen to you very carefully during the interview process and then we deliver your message to the buyer. This makes selling your boat easy. Now here’s the best part of BMTV Live and our Showing Assist; we don’t hit you with a large commission at closing, we charge a small up front fee based on a number of factors. BMTV Live and Showing Assist will save you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.

Boat Market TV is here to help you sell your boat online like a pro. Whether you decide to tackle the ad on your own or reach out to us and take advantage of BMTV Live and our Showing Assist is completely at your discretion. Either way you will receive a professional looking listing that is open to all buyers including brokers and dealers.


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