Boat Market TV Offers Free Video & Picture Shoot

Boat Market TV is offering a free video and picture shoot for Florida boat & RV owners! We would like to film your boat and / or your RV and create an infomercial for you for our national advertising campaign. As we prepare for our launch on this ground breaking listing company we noticed the demand for boat & RV sales is stronger than we anticipated and we also noticed vehicles were not selling as fast as they should be and owners were getting low ball offers. Boat Market TV is going to change the way buyers and sellers interact so your vehicle sells.

It’s FREE!

As we conducted phone interviews we were notified about the length of time many vehicles were up for sale and the cost of commissions that reduce your net profits. Boat Market TV is kicking things off with a special introduction for recreational vehicle owners to help you and us get the word out about your new listing. Remember, there are no commission fees with BMTV!

We are searching for people on both the east coast and west coast of Florida whose vehicles have been for sale for a long period of time, those who are looking to sell, and those who are considering to sell their boat or RV but have not made a choice of whom to work with. We want the opportunity to gain your business trust so we created this free event with no strings attached.

Florida search is on

With that in mind, we decided to do a Florida search for boats & RVs of all types and sizes to promote for FREE during this campaign. The normal fees for us to write a script, film a video, take pictures, edit the film and upload starts at only $99. That includes everything you need to get a feature presentation developed buy Boat Market TV.


The price to list a single vehicle with a video, pictures, description, and analytics report starts at only $19 for 180 days. The client can do all of this by themselves for the starting listing price of $19 but we wanted to offer something special for our new clients.

Prices do go up from there depending on the amount of videos the client needs and the number of videos they wish to upload. Boat Market TV wants owners of all recreational vehicles to know that we provide a powerful listing alternative and at the present time we are offering something useful and free of charge to show our commitment to marketing and sales.

Please refer Boat Market TV

All we are asking is a referral from you and your network so we can continue to grow and help people sell for the lowest possible price with the most benefits imaginable.

5.00 Out of 5
Film Shoot
Free Editing & Script Writing
Free Upload
Higher Google Page Ranking

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