Get in the Game. Get on board! 

Be A Boat Broker is an industry first for entry-level boat brokers. E-learning implements critical thinking skills that are applied in real-world situations to help new brokers adapt to the highly competitive world of boat sales. New brokers learn skills necessary for local, out of state, and international buyers. Master phone etiquette and intrigue the seller with intellect, perform observational assessments, develop engine knowledge, price the boat correctly and know how to obtain a signed listing contract.  With the development of this e-learning course, entry-level boat brokers have a level playing field and one could argue as having an edge over senior brokers who use dated methods to communicate to buyers and sellers. The course contains actual video footage of sales presentations, virtual tours, sea trials, and surveys, plus audio materials, networking techniques, contract types, the certificate of inspection, and survey reports.

E-learning For Entry Level Boat Brokers

Learn the facts about seller strategies and communicate in sellers’ language to land the face to face interview. The course introduces tips and tricks to gaining access to the secret seller and convincing the seller to grant you a pre-sea trial for evaluation. This crucial time is a once in a lifetime chance to get a head start on your competition and leave with a signed listing agreement.  The course will guide you through several different scenarios and solutions to assist you in your new career path. Quizzes offer reinforcement and the course will prepare you to work at a brokerage, small boutique, or you can choose to work independently as a boat broker. The course demonstrates the skills used in the industry to successfully list, show, and sell a boat like a seasoned pro. At the conclusion of the course, each new boat broker has the opportunity and ability to list a boat like a pro!